5 Times When You Need to Contact a Lawyer

Nov 25 2020 | ZAYOUNA ADMIN


5 Times When You Need to Contact a Lawyer


Are you in need of a lawyer? Is your situation one that requires legal advice? There are many instances where contacting a lawyer is the right move to make. But these are not always obvious. Sometimes people feel as though they can handle a dispute or issue alone, but this can lead to more future problems. Here are some of the most critical times when you should contact a lawyer.

After an Injury or an Accident 

Injuries that result from an accident can cause you both physical and emotional trauma. Automobile accidents, slips and fallslong-term disabilities are examples of when you should consider contacting a lawyer. On the other hand, if someone is injured on your property, you should also look into getting in touch with a lawyer. Personal injury lawyers will ensure your case is taken care of so you can focus on your physical and financial well-being.

Benefit Denials

Unfortunately, insurance companies can deny your disability claim after an accident that causes an injury and keeps you from working. After filing a claim, it is examined by your insurer. Unfortunately, your claim can be denied, leaving you without essential coverage when you need it most. A lawyer can help you appeal the denial and identify any issues with your insurer’s findings. 

Facing Job Loss

Firing employees can result from poor job performance, attendance issues, or if the employee isn’t the right fit after a probationary period. But if you are unsure if your termination is entirely legal, you should consider contacting a lawyer. Employment law deals with a range of employment issues such as wrongful termination or human rights employment issues.

Run a Business?

A lawyer can help businesses and owners properly deal with many issues, including bankruptcy, partnership disputes, and product liability issues. It is in your best interest to get legal assistance in matters that involve your business. If you decide to tackle things on your own, it could leave you open to further legal issues that can do great harm to the future of your business.

Property Issues

When it comes to buying, selling or renting a property, it is a good idea to get your lawyer involved to help the transaction go smoothly. Property is one of the most significant investments in our lives, and there is plenty of room for things to get complicated during a deal. Having a lawyer who specializes in property disputes looking out for your best interests will avoid any post-closing issues on sales or purchases. They will also take the time to go over the property itself and ensure you understand and are comfortable with the contracts involved.