A Comparison Of The Best Selling Car Cameras


A Comparison Of The Best Selling Car Cameras

Car cameras have a ton of uses, they can do everything from protect you from insurance fraud to keep watch on the kids while they’re fresh on the road, so it’s no wonder why they’re such a best-selling item. With all the great picks out there, however, how will you choose which is right for you? Choosing from the best-selling car cameras on the market now is a great way to ensure you’ll get something tried, tested, and approved, but it’s also important to consider your individual need. The group of people who purchase a cam to document their road trip for creative purposes will have different needs than those who want a stealthy cam to save them from fraud or protect them in accidents, and your individual usage is something you should consider first.

For starters, here are the top selling dash cams on Amazon, along with their prices and current user ratings…

Comparing Best Selling Small Car Cameras

A Comparison Of The Best Selling Car Cameras

Small car cameras are great for keeping your installation more private, not taking up too much space, and keeping your driving distraction free. If someone has a small sports car, for instance, they won’t want some bulky big thing sticking to the dash or hanging from the windshield, just like those wanting to protect themselves while parked in a parking lot don’t want their camera to be too obvious. There are several best-selling small car cameras out there, however, so how do you know which one to pick?

Three equally great picks to compare and contrast are:

  1. Itrue X6D Dash Cam
  2. Rexing V1 Dash Cam
  3. Falcon Zero F170 HD+ GPS Dash Cam

Each of these best-selling small car cameras pride themselves on prioritizing privacy and stealth, which makes them excellent picks for both surveillance situations and suiting smaller cars. However, they do offer some different features and different price points.

The most affordable of the three is the Rexing V1, priced at just under $100. This cam stands out in its picture quality, using 6 layers glass lens that records sweeping 170 degree views of the road. For those who want to ensure they not only have video, but good video, in any light condition, the Rexing V1 has you covered. Highly rated on Amazon with over 3,500 reviews, this one stands out amongst other car cameras for leaving behind plenty of satisfied customers in its wake.

Next is the Falcon Zero F170 HD+ GPS Dash Cam, which for a little more includes the same 170 degree sweeping views as well as a simple to navigate GPS system. The Full HD video begins recording as soon as motion is sensed, and it also features superior night vision quality with WDR enhanced image quality, so you’re always prepared at any point in the day or night. In case your unit is to ever break, the Falcon Zero F170 HD+ GPS Dash Cam is covered by a lifetime warranty accompanied by unparalleled customer support.

The priciest of the bunch of small best-selling car cameras on this list is the Itrue X6D Dash Cam, retailing at around $150. The Itrue original triangle design is crafted with both aesthetic and engineering in mind, taking up very little space and remaining discreet at all times when installed. Installing the small and lightweight cam is simple, and unlike other car cameras that require a special mount, this one only requires only one 3M piece of adhesive tape. For the more tech savvy specs, the Itrue X6D offers much and more when compared to other similar car cameras in size, including a 170 degree angle, superior night vision, plate stamping, G sensor, a hard wire kit, optional GPS antennae accessory, and it’s all ready to use right from the box.

Comparing The Best Selling LCD Car Cameras

LCD and touch screens are another big selling point for many buyers of car cameras. The screen makes footage really easy to see right away, and keeps things simple in terms of using the device right from the driver or passenger’s seat. While the very small or LCD screen free car cameras are great for stealth and discretion, the LCD touch screen models tend to be perfect for those who seek out user friendliness, and there are a great deal of best sellers on the market.

Three of the best-selling LCD car cameras to compare are:

  1. YL 89006 Smart Dash Camera
  2. Lumina Full HD Dash Cam
  3. KDLINKS X1 Full HD with GPS Dash Cam

The most affordable of the group is the YL 89006 Smart Dash Camera, which has a built in 2.7” LCD widescreen camera built right in for optimal viewing. While not a touchscreen, the interface does have large and easy to use buttons making things just as simple. A 165 degree ultra-wide viewing angle makes sure your blind spots are taken care of, while G sensor emergency recording and first class high definition night vision keeps your recordings clear and precise just when you need them.

Second on the list is the Lumina Full HD Dash Cam, has the benefit of including a clear LCD screen as well as a great stealth design. A 6 layer lens made from Nikon glass gives you some of the clearest 170 degree viewing angles, while the G sense makes sure recordings are locked if a collision or emergency is detected. At just under $95, the Lumina Full HD also includes a lifetime warranty, so consumers know that they’ve made the right choice in car cameras by investing in a protected product.

Last on the list is the KDLINKS X1 Full HD with GPS Dash Cam, coming in at just under $170, but with plenty of bells and whistles. The full HD LCD screen also serves as a simple to use touchscreen, showing you full superior quality video across 2.7”. The world class F1.6 six glass lens and WDR technology ensure crisp and clear video is achieved in all lighting conditions and across the full 165 degree wide angle spectrum. Emergency lock and G sensors ensure your most important footage is locked in automatically with GPS data, and can be viewed with a few simple touches of the screen. For those looking for car cameras that really offer a little bit of everything, the KDLINKS X1 Full HD with GPS is a failsafe choice.