Añisclo Canyon is a Spanish balcony road

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Cañon del Añisclo is a very scenic canyon located in the province of Huesca, in Aragon, Spain. During some periods of the year, the road is just one direction. It’s one of the most scenic canyon roads in Spain.

Cañon del Añisclo


Where is Añisclo Canyon?

The canyon is located in the Sobrarbe region of the Aragon autonomous community, in the northeastern part of the country, within the Ordesa y Monte Perdido National Park (the oldest National park in Spain).

Is the road through Cañon del Añisclo paved?

The road through the gorges, carved by the Bellos River, is totally paved but in very poor conditions, especially after rains as it’s pretty slippery. It’s called HU-631. Some sections of the road are extremely narrow. During some periods of the year, the road is just one direction.

How long is Cañon del Añisclo?

The road is 34.3km (21.31 miles) long running west-east from Escalona to Puértolas. The road features steep sections, topping out at 1,360m (4,461ft) above sea level. The road runs along the river Bellos and runs through the Valle de Añisclo, los Sestrales, and Desfiladero de las Cambras. From the bottom of the canyon, looking upwards, you may feel dizzy, overwhelmed by its high walls. The road has many unlit tunnels.

How is the drive through Cañon del Añisclo?

Starting from Escalona, at about 2 kilometers there is a crossroad: one road directs you via the HU-631 to the famous gorges, the other circumvents the core-part (the most beautiful part) of the canyon by a small, bumpy, and winding street south of the HU-631. This can be easily seen on maps.google.com. The road can be closed anytime for safety reasons by a barrier (without notice) to vehicles and pedestrians because the geology of this area is rather unstable. All hills around there are not of stable rocks but are just a heap of rubble.

Is the drive through Cañon del Añisclo challenging?

The road is always paved but really bumpy. If you do not have enough clearance between your engine and the pavement (e.g., when you are driving a kind of chopper or a fast sports car), think carefully if you really want to drive this road. There are no fuel stations anywhere, you have only partly a mobile phone connection, and if your vehicle breaks – help yourself – you are far away from any repair station.

Is Cañon del Añisclo worth it?

Despite all of this – the look towards the surrounding mountains is absolutely great. If you are the type of motorbike driver who is not a speed freak but wants to discover the world on 2 wheels – then this is a road for you. The whole region is a fantastic place for hiking, canyoning, rafting, and taking a bath when summer is high.
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