Are Car Video Recorders Worth Buying In 2024?


Are Car Video Recorders Worth Buying featured image

One of the first questions one will ask themselves when considering investing in-car video recorders is “Are car video recorders worth buying?”

Whether you’re seeking out one of the more base models under $50, or something higher end and in the just under $200 range, investment is still an investment, and making one that is worthwhile is always the desired end goal.

In the wide world of car video recorders, there are many reasons why these are worth investing in, and they can be well-used by drivers for any variety of reasons.

For Driver Protection

One of the main reasons why car video recorders are worth buying is for driver protection. For example, if you get into an accident, and the accident leaves some room for questions in terms of who may have been at fault, car video recorders provide unbiased evidence that may be able to be used in court to determine accurate liability.

In one area where this can be particularly beneficial is in fraud protection and accidents like “swoop and squat” cases. A swoop and squat is a type of insurance fraud scam where a driver drives up to cut in front of another driver, then stops abruptly, cutting the driver off and creating a rear-end collision. Because of the nature of the accident, an innocent driver is often considered to be at fault in these collisions, although car video recorders can show otherwise.

With the footage presented from car video recorders, drivers can be given a resource of proof they can use to show that they’ve been the victim of insurance fraud.

Driver protection doesn’t only extend to on the road, and car video recorders of today can also provide surveillance that keeps an eye on your vehicle when you cannot.

The Anker Roav C2 uses Intelli-Batt technology to provide surveillance on your vehicle whether you’re around your car or far away. The cameras begin rolling when they detect movement within a certain distance of your vehicle, taking clips of whatever is going on nearby. When a collision is detected, the G sensor locks in this footage and ensures that it cannot be overwritten accidentally and the footage lost. What this feature in-car video recorder offers you is the peace of mind that you always have an eye on your car, and you’re always protected no matter what.

For Convenience

Car video recorders are also worth buying for purposes of convenience. GPS navigation is one feature that is often found in today’s modern car video recorders, and they can work to geotag footage or simply help you to get to where you need to go. Investing in a GPS and camera line of car video recorders like the Garmin Mini really gives you two pieces of useful technology in one.

GPS isn’t the only convenience feature that makes car video recorders worth buying. Another convenience feature that puts real value into car video recorders is WiFi capabilities. A line of car video recorders that has WiFi capabilities allows you to view your footage right from your smartphone, edit videos, and share clips that you think your social media followers or friends will enjoy. If you’re taking a road trip and want to keep your friends and family updated, a WiFi-enabled car video recorder will allow you to quickly and easily share the desired video clip with your social media from a road stop with just a couple of taps. If you know how to work your Android or iOS smartphone device, you’ll know how to use your car video recorder to its full potential. One such line of car video recorders with WiFi capabilities is the Thinkware Q800 Pro, which is a basic and simple to use highly rated model priced at under $40.

For Parents

Car video recorders are also a great investment for parents, and especially parents of new teen drivers. Having a teen take on the responsibility of the road is something that teens look forward to for years, but raises parents’ blood pressure for good reason, and car video recorders really help to alleviate this stress and know that teens will be held accountable for their on-the-road actions. Because car video recorders show an unbiased account of what goes on while on the road, teens know that their every action is being recorded truthfully and that parents can see just how they’re behaving with their new freedom and responsibility.

Car video recorders with GPS capabilities can also ensure that your teen is going where they should be going and that they’re getting there safely. Many of these GPS car video recorders also track speed along with location, geo-tagging footage with not only the “where” but the how quickly, too. With a GPS installed, parents and teens can work to build a strong foundation in safe and accountable driving together.

What Car Video Recorders Bring To You

Car video recorders bring quite a bit that makes them a worthy investment to drivers of all kinds. Whether a person wishes to use their car video recorder for fun, for protection, for learning, or for convenience, they have all these abilities with the plethora of different features modern car video recorders have to offer. This fact alone makes investing in car video cameras worthwhile, as you learn how many different uses they have and what all these different uses can provide to you.

To make sure your chosen car video camera is worth buying, make sure you’re getting one with the build and the features that best suit your needs. A car video camera better suited for basic needs won’t suit the person looking for a GPS video recorder for their teen driver, while bulkier-built model won’t be the perfect investment for the driver looking for fraud protection. By determining what your needs are, and what best suits them, your car video camera can be one of the most worthy investments you can make in your driving experience.