Burlington Motorcycle Accident Claim Denied: What To Do

By Feb 10 2023 | ZAYOUNA ADMIN
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motorcycle accident in Burlington can be a catastrophic event. Medical and repair bills can get out of hand quickly. That’s why it’s so important to have a good insurance policy. But what happens when you file an insurance claim, and it gets denied?

Denied insurance claims are relatively common, and can leave you having to pay for those exorbitant bills out of pocket. If you have an insurance claim denied, don’t just accept it right away.

We will explore some of the reasons why insurance claims get denied and some options for dealing with a denied claim. If you need help through any step of the insurance claim process, don’t hesitate to contact a Burlington motorcycle accident lawyer.

Why Your Burlington Motorcycle Accident Claim Was Denied

When an insurance company receives a major claim, they investigate the circumstance of the accident and the policies involved, trying to assess who was at fault and looking for any reasons why they shouldn’t accept the claim.

There are several reasons why an insurer might deny a submitted claim. Some of the most common reasons include:

  • Missing documentation
  • Damages aren’t covered in your policy
  • Providing misinformation or failing to provide the required information
  • Missing a payment
  • Damages exceed your policy limit
  • Using a car registered as a personal vehicle for business
  • Waiting too long to submit your claim
  • They want you to settle for a lower payment
  • Discriminatory beliefs 

Some of these reasons will be more difficult to dispute than others. In some cases, you will have to simply resubmit the claim with the correct documents; in other cases, you might want to challenge the matter through an arbiter or take it to court.

What To Do After Your Burlington Motorcycle Accident Claim Is Denied

If your motorcycle accident claim is denied, you can often challenge the decision. Challenging an insurance decision can be a pretty long, legally involved process.

The first step is to review your insurance policy. Check the information you have provided, the limits of your coverage, and the coverages included in your policy. If the damages aren’t covered by your policy, you might not have many options for challenging the denied claim. If you don’t have a copy of your full policy, request a copy from your insurer

If you have found the offending error in your claim, have collected the missing document, or have found a reason why the insurer should reconsider their decision, then you can start challenging the decision.

To challenge an insurance decision, you can start by reaching out to your insurance company to find out their reason for denying your claim, and perhaps resubmitting a claim. Your insurer should have an in-house appeal process and representatives you can contact to start the appeal. When you speak to a representative, take notes of what they say, their name, job title, date, and time of the call.

If the insurer’s customer representative was unable to help you with the appeal and you still think you have a case, you can file a written complaint or try to speak to a higher authority in the company.

Appealing the Decision Through a Third Party.

If you and your insurer can’t agree on whether you qualify for a benefit, or on the amount that you are entitled to, you can contact a third-party mediator to help settle the dispute. 

The Safety, Licensing Appeals and Standards Tribunals Ontario (SLASTO) offer third-party mediation services through the License Appeal Tribunal’s Automobile Accident Benefits Service (AABS).

The License Appeal Tribunal in Ontario is independent of the government and any insurance companies. The AABS will work with you and your insurer to try to resolve your dispute, first through meetings and discussion, then, if necessary, by ordering a hearing.

When To Contact A Burlington Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

It can be a wise decision to consult with a motorcycle accident lawyer as soon as your claim is denied, or even before you submit your claim to ensure everything is in order.

A motorcycle accident lawyer will help you collect any missing or required documentation, help you look for any supporting evidence, and generally help you build a strong case throughout the appeal process. A lawyer can also help you understand your rights and limitations, so you can better understand why your claim was denied, and what options you have for challenging the decision.

Hiring a mediator, filing an application through the AABS, or dealing with the arbitration can be difficult if you aren’t familiar with the process. Having someone to represent you can significantly increase your chances of succeeding with the appeal.

After a motorcycle accident, you may also be able to make a case against the other driver or another third party for negligence and file a tort claim. If you are thinking about filing a tort claim, you will certainly want the help and representation of an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer.