Car Insurance Reviews(USA)


Car Insurance Reviews

Looking to purchase car insurance or switch auto insurance companies? We created these car insurance reviews so people could quickly and easily compare the different options available. For each auto insurance company, we’ve listed their advantages, disadvantages, company history, and their overall reputation. Once you’ve found a company you like, you can use our free auto insurance quote tool and compare the costs of several different companies in minutes.

Car Insurance Reviews

AARP Car Insurance Review

AARP Car Insurance

AARP is an American interest group and a non- governmental organization, which was formerly referred to as American Association of Retired Persons. It was founded by an American educator by the name Ethel Percy Andrus, in 1958. Its mission statement is a nonpartisan, nonprofit membership organization for persons aged 50 and above. The main objective is to improve quality of life for all persons in this age bracket. The organization provides its members with a wide variety of unique benefits, high quality services and… READ MORE

Allstate Car Insurance Review

Allstate Car Insurance Reviews

Allstate Car Insurance was one of the first auto insurance companies in the United States. The company tends to create highly customized quotes depending on various discounts you may qualify for (safe driver, student, safe vehicles, etc.). Since they also offer insurance in other areas such as Homeowners Insurance, you can often bundle those together and save cash. We highly recommend you obtain an online quote first, then… READ MORE

Esurance Car Insurance Review

Allstate Car Insurance Reviews

Esurance Car Insurance is owned by Allstate Car Insurance. The esurance side of Allstate is comprised of over 2,500 associates in 16 offices located throughout the country. This is a car insurance company that is geared more towards being virtual rather than having a physical presence with many office locations. The savings, in turn, are passed along to you. Formerly known as Esurance Insurance Services, INC., the esurance brand offers automotive insurance services to nearly 90 percent of the United States population comprising of… READ MORE

Geico Car Insurance Review

Geico Car Insurance Reviews

Government Employees Insurance Company, more commonly known as GEICO, is an insurance company for auto-mobiles. This subsidiary is wholly owned by Berkshire Hathaway, which (as of the year 2007) covered over thirteen million auto vehicles which were owned by over twelve million insurance policyholders. Additionally, the GEICO insurance company writes automobile insurance for private passengers in the fifty states in the USA and also in the U.S District of Columbia. Unlike other insurance companies which rely on their agents to sell their policies, GEICO has been known to… READ MORE

Liberty Mutual Car Insurance Review

Liberty Mutual Car Insurance Reviews

Liberty Mutual Insurance Company was started in the year 1912. Initially, the company was formed as an employees’ insurance association in Massachusetts. The first Liberty mutual branch, then MEIA, opened its doors in 1914, and this is the same year the company registered its very first automobile policy. The name of the company was changed to Liberty Mutual in 1917, and in 1964 the company began offering auto insurance policies under… READ MORE

Progressive Car Insurance Review

Progressive Car Insurance Review

The Progressive Car Insurance Company is rated amongst the leading insurance companies in the United States. This company has over ten million policyholders. The company operates online through its websites, and there are also independent insurance sales agents who sell Progressive insurance products over the phone. The Progressive Insurance Company was started by two lawyers; Jack Green and Joseph Lewis in the year 1937. Since then, the company has been a trendsetter in the insurance market in the United States. It was the first company to… READ MORE

State Farm Car Insurance Review

State Farm Car Insurance Review

State Farm Insurance was started in 1922 as a small mutual insurance company by a retired farmer, George J Mecherle. Initially, the firm offered auto insurance services to farmers. Later, the firm started other insurance services such as banking, homeowners, financial, and life insurance services. By December 2008, the firm boasted a total of 17,000 agents and 67,000 employees. In the following year, 2009, State Farm serviced 77 million policies in both Canada and the United States. Out of the total 77 million policies serviced by the firm, automobiles comprised of… READ MORE

Tips On How To Choose Auto Insurance

An auto insurance policy is an agreement between the vehicle insurer and the vehicle owner. The company responsible for insuring your car takes charge in the event of an incident and the insured promises to pay a premium as long as the agreement lasts. What the insured pays to the insurance company is called a premium and is used in compensation.

There are different auto insurance covers. Auto liability coverage is the most common auto insurance coverage. It pays for the damage caused by accidentally injuring someone or damaging another car/property in the event of an accident. There being so many auto insurance companies, it is quite hard to sift the wheat from the chaff when picking an auto insurer. That said, you have to understand that getting an insurance policy is a two-phase process. This is because you have to decide on your insurance needs as well as whom to make your insurance provider.

Phase 1-Insurance provisions

These are the provisions you should look out for in an insurance company.

  • Accident forgiveness – this is a policy that prevents your premium rate from increasing after an accident even if it was your fault. The company simply forgives the driver and takes care of the damage.
  • Road-side assistance – Is the company capable of saving you even if your car broke down in the middle of he road?
  • Deductible – this is the amount of money you and the company agree to pay in the event of an accident. You pay some, and the rest is paid by the insurance company.
  • Medical coverage – this is the amount of money the company agrees to pay for your medical bill in case you are injured in an accident.
  • Uninsured motorist coverage – in this feature, the company agrees to pay for you and the other passengers involved in the accident. It considers the fact that the motorist had insufficient funds or was not insured at all.
  • Comprehensive coverage – this is the best coverage for any driver looking for protection. This is because an insurance company provides payment for damage other than collision. This might be fire, theft, storm or hurricane.

Phase 2-insurance provider

The availability of many insurance companies makes it both intimidating and costly to choose the most suitable insurance for your car. This is because if you blindly choose an insurance company, you will have yourself to blame if your needs are no met. You have to understand what the best company for your car is. Below are tips of choosing the best auto insurance company.

  1. Reliability-this is the first thing to consider in any insurance company. Is the company reliable? If yes, it should have a good reputation in settling claims; this refers to the time taken to settle and pay them off.
  2. What shops are available for accreditation- the next step is to check out what shops they have in your area. It is from these shops that you could ask about the insurance company and make your judgment from their feedback. If it is positive, then you can rest assured you are dealing with a good insurance company.
  3. Analyze the different insurance policies provided- this determines what policy you need and whether the company has it or not.
  4. Premium costs-this means getting the most affordable premium for your vehicle. This way, you will have chosen the correct auto insurance company to insure your vehicle.
  5. Are there any complaints- this is another factor to consider when looking for an insurance company. Consider paying attention to the number of complaints raised against the company versus those it has settled. If the complaints are more than what it has settled, this means the company is not reliable at all.

What are the benefits of getting car insurance?

We all know that car accidents happen all the time. It’s not that we are thinking of getting into one if we buy car insurance. This is just a precaution so that you are at least financially prepared in case you get into one. Causing a car accident is no joke, as you are not just responsible for the lives of people involved in the accident, you’ll be responsible for any costs associated with it. 

What are these costs? Ever heard how much it costs to pay for penalties and legal fees? Have you calculated the medical expenses you would need to shoulder if there are injuries, especially in major accidents? Don’t forget about the possibility of lost income in case YOU get injured. And we’re not even talking about the repair costs for your damaged car.

So if you’re asking me about the benefits of getting car insurance, the most important one is that you’ll pay less if you’re involved in an accident, and any repair costs for the damage to your car will be covered. You can save a lot and this gives way to another essential benefit of getting car insurance – peace of mind.

It may be an indirect benefit, getting insurance will definitely take some of your worries away every time you’re out on the road. It’s always reassuring to know that your policy can protect you – and your family – during an inopportune circumstance.

Where can you purchase auto insurance?

Now that you know what to look for in an insurance company, the next step is to purchase auto insurance. You can buy your auto insurance from:

  • Licensed insurance broker
  • Insurance agent
  • A licensed direct auto insurance writer

Ways of saving money on your auto insurance

To ensure that your premium rate is not increased, it is important to take precautions that control damages. This includes:

  • Limiting the number of drivers driving your car
  • Dealing with a named driver only
  • Restricting drivers of less than 30 years of age.

With the above information, you can now confidently decide on the most suitable auto insurance for your car. You will not only be able to save the extra expenses that come with increased premium rates, but also enjoy the myriad of benefits that come with different auto insurance companies.