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By NatMed  Feb. 12, 2024


Li Zhiguo Traffic ( is a website about traffic information, but it’s much more than that. The goal of the website is: “One network at hand, all traffic is known.” Currently, nearly a thousand articles of various types are included here, covering many aspects. Let’s introduce them one by one:

  1. HOME (Home)
  1. ABOUT (About the website)
  1. ROADS (road aspect)
  1. DANGEROUS INTERSECTIONS Accident-prone intersection. At various intersections where accidents occur frequently, you need to be vigilant at all times. Because you can get involved at any time. The first part is several big cities in Canada, and the second part is cities in the United States and other countries. Marked in two colors, dark red means there is on-site video, light blue means only intersection situation description.
  2. DANGEROUS ROADS Dangerous roads around the world, There is no hardest thing, only harder things.(Refer to the dangerous roads website for daily updates)
  3. STEEP ROADS Steep local sections. The terrain is complex and driving is difficult. Major cities in Canada, some cities in the United States, and other regional cities. The signs are divided into two colors. Dark red means there is on-site video, and light blue means there is only intersection information.
  4. CAMERAS  There is red light cameras RLC intersections equipped with cameras and automated speed enforcement ASE (especially near schools), as well as highway transportation networks in some areas. Damn cameras, everywhere, draining your wallet.
  5. NAVBUG TRAFFIC INFORMATION(USA & CANADA)Highway network in the United States and Canada

4. VEHICLES (vehicle aspect)

  1. BUY A CAR Covers vehicle condition (including motorcycles), negotiation techniques for buying and selling a vehicle, comparing the pros and cons of new and used cars, credit history repair procedures, loan and leasing procedures, vehicle insurance, and more.
  2. DRIVING SKILLS、DRIVING SKILLS(2) Novice driver’s license application and location, basic driving skills, slippery roads, key points for driving on rainy and snowy roads, maintenance and replacement of snow tires, key points for preventing car accidents, fatigue driving, distracted driving, how to deal with a car falling into the water , how to respond to emergencies, etc., comprehensive vehicle repair and maintenance technology, dash cam and car repair skills, etc.
  3. VIENTIANE (Everything in the world) Weird things. The cheapest gas stations, the most annoying cameras, the bumpiest ramps, the worst roads, The most miserable car stops, and the most bizarre speeding tickets won, and more.
  4. DANGEROUS DRIVING(VIDEO)Dangerous driving video. Such as the frightening Texas bridge deck, the heart-wrenching Montreal ramp, heartbreaking road sections, etc.

5. ACCIDENT (Traffic accident) Traffic accidents and handling methods, lawyers answer questions. If an accident occurs, who is responsible and how can I be exempted from liability? How to Get Maximum Compensation? How to file a lawsuit? Is the insurance valid? Concussion claims and more.

  1. ACCIDENT & LAWYER (2)Traffic accidents and how to deal with them, lawyers answer questions
  2. PUBLIC SAFETY DATA PORTAL Toronto Police Service’s public safety data portal to Improve understanding and transparency of policing.
  3. LAWS & PENALTIES Local traffic regulations and penalties. Such as dangerous driving, drunk driving, excessive marijuana use, hit and run, etc.

6.  CYCLIST (Bicycle) Articles about bicycles and cyclists. Such as the best mountain bikes, safety helmets, sharing the right of way, correct hand gestures, obeying traffic rules, etc.

  1. CYCLING IN TORONTO Toronto bicycle regulations and map, the ten most challenging sections of road.
  2. ONTARIO BY BIKE!Ontario bicycle regulations and map
  3. CYCLISTS IN OTTAWA Ottawa bicycle regulations and map
  4. CYCLING IN VANCOUVER Bicycle regulations and maps in British Columbia and Vancouver

7.  BLOG(Blog) Original articles. Focus on current people and events.

  1. POST Summary of website articles
  2. CALLERY Anecdotes video. Pay attention to the strange and bizarre world. The world is so big and there are all kinds of strange things.

8.  CONTACT (Contact information)

Here’s how to find the articles you need:

In the upper right corner of the homepage, there is a red search 🔍 symbol. After clicking, a rectangular box will appear. Enter the name or keyword of the article you are looking for. After clicking, it will be listed.a bunch related articles. Note: The more words you enter and the more accurate they are, the fewer and closer the articles found will be.

In addition, there is a red box in the lower right corner of the home page. Click subscribe and enter your email address to get live updates. Let us participate together to truly realize:

 “One network at hand, all traffic is known.”