Is it cheaper for a teen to be listed on a parent’s car insurance policy?

By Laura Longero


Teens can save anywhere from $503 to $3,163, on average, by staying on a parent’s policy. Here’s what you need to know about getting cheap car insurance as a teen.

Adding a teen to a parent’s insurance policy is usually cheaper than being insured separately on their own policy. On average, teens can save anywhere from $503 to $3,163 by staying on a parent’s policy.

How much does adding a teen to a parent’s policy cost?

The cost of adding a teenage driver to an adult’s policy varies, just like all the other factors that go into rating a policy. On average, teens can save anywhere from $503 to $3,163 by staying on a parent’s policy.

See the table below for rates for teenagers on their own policies and a parent’s policy, according to 2022 data.

Gender Age Teen Policy Parent’s Policy with Teen Added Savings
Female 16 $6,782 $4,144 $2,638
Male 16 $7,625 $4,462 $3,163
Female 17 $5,576 $3,861 $1,715
Male 17 $6,272 $4,156 $2,116
Female 18 $4,918 $3,584 $1,334
Male 18 $5,565 $3,865 $1,700
Female 19 $3,615 $3,112 $503
Male 19 $4,132 $3,363 $769

Notify your insurance company if you have a learner’s permit

Company rules about charging insurance premiums for families with a driver with a learner’s permit vary, so notify the company when you get a learner’s permit. Some policies automatically extend coverage to a newly licensed driver as a household member but make sure to verify coverage.

Consider your coverage levels as a teen driver

Teen drivers should consider purchasing higher liability limits and more Personal Injury Protection (PIP) or Medical Payments coverage. If you have a health insurance policy, you may want only to increase your liability limits and rely on your health insurance policy for medical coverage if it provides coverage in an auto accident.

Your insurance premium will increase when a teenager is added to an adult’s auto policy, so find ways to save money. Shopping around is essential, but you can also ask your insurance company about discounts: Your rate can decrease if you get good grades or establish a good driving record. You also can get a discount if you live far away from your parents when you go to college.

Most companies offer discounts to students with good grades, generally a B average or higher. Be aware that you shouldn’t necessarily seek companies that offer this discount, because you could find companies that don’t offer the discount and are still cheaper than those that do.

Final thoughts: Car insurance for a teen

As a teen driver, you can save money by being insured on a parent’s policy. Earn good grades and maintain a good driving record to save money when you get your car insurance policy.