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Mountain Biking Rides in Jammu and Kashmir

snow, mountain, fat bikes-3066167.jpgAbout Mountain Biking Rides Adventure in Kashmir – The terrain of Jammu and Kashmir is ideal for mountain biking. Pedaling through the mountains of Kashmir Valley, dotted with rich pine and deodar trees, is exhilarating and provides the ultimate thrill. Mountain biking in Jammu and Kashmir is also exciting because of the beautiful landscape, which is dotted with water streams, paddy fields, meadows, village markets, and woods.

The valley never ceases to enthral adventurers, whether for trekking or safari. Mountain Biking in Ladakh is arranged in a row. Many bikers enjoy riding through the rugged terrains, passing by the dusty roads and unravelling the mysteries that lie behind the sharp twists and turns.

Popular Mountain Biking Routes in Jammu & Kashmir – The routes mentioned above are among the best mountain biking rides hotspots in the valley. Examine it out.

1. Leh towards Alchi:

The 64-kilometer road from Leh to Alchi is riddled with hairpin turns, which add to the excitement. Despite the zigzag roads, the trail is a safe cycling route in Ladakh. The calm terrain is welcome, and there are numerous attractions along the way, including Sangam – the confluence of the Zanskar and Indus rivers – and Alchi Monastery.

2. Leh towards Hemis:

The distance between Leh and Hemis is 39.9 kilometres. Cycling is the best way to get from Leh to Hemis in Ladakh. The following attractions enhance the beauty of the journey. Travel through the Sindhu ghat and see the school where the movie Three Idiots was filmed. The tour also includes stops at several monasteries and the well-known Stok Palace.

3. All the way through Khardung La:

If the thought of cycling through one of the world’s highest motorable roads – Khardung La – does not excite you, nothing else will. The pass connects Leh with the Indus and Nubra Valleys. The 40-kilometer ride takes in the breathtaking views of the Zanskar Range and the scenic Karakoram Range. Which will undoubtedly be the best ride of your life. So it is also one of the best mountain biking rides.

If you are an experienced mountain biker, you can try the route from Srinagar to Pahalgam.

Best Time to Plan Cycling Tour to Ladakh

The months of mid-June to the end of September are ideal for planning a cycling tour to Ladakh. Since the roads are not snow-covered, the passes remain open during this time.

Cycling in Ladakh takes the biker to numerous inaccessible areas that are quite off-the-beaten-path due to their high altitude. The cycling tour to these remote locations adds to the expedition’s intrigue and enchantment. Take the road to Khardung La, one of the world’s highest motorable roads. Pedal the cycle to various Ladakh’s famous monasteries for complete spiritual enlightenment.