Safe Teen Driving: What To Be Careful About


Safe Teen Driving What To Be Careful About

One of the milestones in our lives is when we get our driver’s licenses. Every teen’s dream is to have their own car in order to become parent-free. Even though you can get only temporary licenses when you reach that certain age of minor adulthood, you still feel like a god. However, you mustn’t let your megalomaniac urges take over the wheel. You are still responsible for what happens on the road and you should always pay attention to safety. This is not a video game and you have no saves nor checkpoints and neither do your fellow drivers have extra lives to spare.

Safe Driving Rules Are Necessary

Have you ever wondered why we have so many ridiculous sounding rules and why it is important to pay attention while on the road? Just imagine how much trouble one simple mistake can make, and how many lives besides your own you endanger. That one single moment, which changes your whole reality, can become your greatest regret in life. Not all rules are meant to be broken, it may seem fun at first, but it is all fun and games until someone ends up in a wheelchair.

Driving Safely In The Early Years

Teen Driving Safety

When you enter your teenage years, you are more prone to reckless and hasty behavior, but when you enter a vehicle you should not forget that you are equally responsible for yourself as much as for those around you. No matter how ready you feel you are, you never truly grasp the fine art of driving. There is no gut feeling or intuition, only your driving skills and common sense, this means you have to take extra precautions when deciding what the right decision is in certain situations. Remember to always be cautious and tolerant to other drivers, because just like you, they are new, inexperienced and eager to prove themselves as the new Michael Schumacher. It is crucial to remember that drinking, drugs and mobile phones when driving is a big NO-NO. Unless you want the Grim Reaper to call shotgun.

Tips For Parents Of Teen Drivers

A helpful tip for parents, try to establish a trustful relationship with your adolescent teen driver. Make a dos and don’ts list that they should obey no matter what, because like life, the road does not forgive. You don’t need to prove yourself to anybody, so if you feel tired or restless, have yourself a short break. Those five minutes can make a whole world of a difference. You might have just saved your life, not to mention the lives of your passengers. Give yourself regular food and drink breaks or if you need to stretch your legs, stop and enjoy the scenery. Not only are you preventing major disasters, but you are also enjoying your trip.How To Keep Your Teen Driver Safe

These Driving Tips Apply To Veteran Drivers Too!

Similar enough, each and every one of these rules applies to all of you veterans out there.

Just because you have many years of experience does not mean that you are eligible to self-proclaim yourself as the King of the Road. You are still a role model, and never forget that! You have to show the youngsters how it is done and prove to them that reckless driving can only lead to tragedy.

Yes it might seem tiring at times and it may take all your energy and will but the result will ultimately be a safe road for all to enjoy.

Driving Risks Associated With Aging Drivers

Teen Driving Safety Advice

It is not a shame or disgrace to admit to being dependent on medication or that you can no longer withstand and endure aches and troubles of long-term driving. You are not as durable as you were in your twenties and you should not behave as such. You are still responsible and others should not pay for your blunders. You are older, therefore you should be wiser.
Remember to take extra precautions, to accept your liabilities and to never overestimate and exert your skills and capabilities. Just like when you were younger, there is someone out there who is scared, inexperienced and intimidated just like you were. Be kind, tolerant and patient towards the younger generation because they do need your guidance, patience and understanding in order to overcome their hardships and become great drivers.

Buckle up, don’t drink, be safe, and most of all enjoy your ride.

Safe Driving Tips

Now that we’ve established the importance of safe driving for teens (and even aging drivers), here are some safe defensive driving tips that every driver, not just teens, should keep in mind. 

Avoid aggressive driving

Recent data shows how aggressive driving is increasing the likelihood of getting into an accident. 

I’m putting this first on the list because, really, how hard is it to avoid changing lanes abruptly just to pass a slower driver? Why can’t people be patient enough instead of tailgating another driver for them to speed up?

Avoiding circumstances that put you at risk is still the best way to avoid accidents. Just keep your cool and always think about your safety first. Whenever you drive, always leave plenty of space between you and the car in front. 

Be extra vigilant of your surroundings

Cars are equipped with side and rearview mirrors so that you can scan your surroundings. They’re not just for display, so use them. Make sure to always check them 20 to 30 seconds ahead of you and keep your eyes moving. 

There are times when doing this simple routine can save you from any life-threatening conditions. For example, if you can spot a vehicle showing signs of aggressive driving, you can immediately slow down or perhaps even pull over to avoid it. You can never be prepared for what’s about to happen. Accidents are called accidents because we CAN’T predict them. But yes, you can always avoid them by simply becoming extra vigilant of your surroundings.

Avoid distractions

Another way to avoid getting into accidents is to avoid distractions as much as you can. Distracted driving is indeed one of the main causes of accidents and most of them include using a phone while driving. No matter how careful you are, any activity, even talking, as long as it diverts your attention from the task of driving, can be dangerous. Even experienced drivers are not exempted from this, what more can we say about new drivers?

Anyway, these are just three of the several ways you can ensure safe driving. Hope this article has helped somehow. Happy safe driving!