Europe is becoming a standout destination for cycling holidays. In addition to our last blog, we did some research about the 10 most breath-taking cycling routes across Europe. The routes pasts some of the world’s most beautiful landscapes, cities, and places of cultural significance. The following list of routes is suitable for riders of all skill levels. 


Where: Austria

Skill level: experienced

Krimml waterfall

We start the list with the Tauern Cycle Trail in Austria. This amazing route starts in the Gerlos Pass and runs to the city of Salzburg (240 km/150 miles). This route is suited for the more experienced driver and can be difficult at times due to the altitude (but well-worth-it!)

Experience the natural beauty and stunning views of Austria, including the Grossglockner Mountain, Lake Zell, The Hohe Tauern National Park, and the Krimml Waterfalls.


Where: Germany, Austria, and Slovakia

Skill level: beginner

Danube cycling

Recognized as one of the first cycle paths in Europe, the Danube Cycle Path follows the meandering Danube river. Every year there are approximately 38,000 people cycle this route, making it one of Europe’s most popular cycling routes. The starting point is in Passau, Germany and you can cycle to Bratislava, Slovakia (381 km/237 miles). There are plenty of things to do and places to explore along the way. You will not only see the beauty of nature, such as the Danube Loop but will see plenty of cities, such as the imperial city of Vienna. Almost entirely car-free and relatively flat makes this route perfect for cyclists of any age and ability


Where: Italy

Skill level: experienced

Tuscan italy

Start your journey at the Saint Great Bernard Pass near the Swiss to the capital city of Rome. This 1,000-years-old pilgrimage route is based on 1,800 km Archbishop Sigeric walked from Canterbury to Rome in the year 990. With the amazing views over north Italian mountains, through beautiful Tuscan scenery and past medieval towns like San Gimignano, and with the final destination the Capital of Rome, this route will amaze you every minute of the way. The Via Francigena is only recommended for the more experienced drivers, due to the high altitude in the Alps and Apennines and the long distance that you have to travel.


Where: Germany

Skill level: beginner

Neuschwanstein castle

The Romantic Road is a beautiful route with historic old towns, medieval cities, and picturesque Bavarian villages. The route is around 440 km (273 miles) and mostly flat, which makes it an easy route for all levels. Only around the Alps, there is an altitude increase, but the view is breathtaking. The Tauber, Sulzach, Lech river, and Wörnitz river valleys are stand-outs of the Romantic Road as is the destination Füssen. In Füssen you will find the highlight of the trip: The Neuschwanstein castle, a real fairy-tale-like castle


Where: France, Spain

Skill level: intermediate

cycling nature

The Camino Frances is the most popular part of the famous pilgrimage route Camino de Santiago. The route is around 770 km (under 500 miles) long and will pass through major cities such as Pamplona and Leon before ending in Santiago de Compostela. Along the route, you will travel with many pilgrims. Outside the cities, you will pass the mountainous landscapes of the Pyrenees, the vineyards of Rioja, and picturesque Spanish villages where you can experience the ‘’real’’ Spanish culture.