The Ultimate Guide to Traveling the Neelum Valley Road

By dangerousroads

Neelum Valley Road is a spectacular and dangerous high mountain road located in Azad Jammu and Kashmir, in the western portion of the larger Kashmir region, in Pakistan, running parallel to Kaghan Valley and the Line of Control (LOC).

Neelum Valley Road


How long is Neelum Valley Road?

The challenging road is mostly unpaved. It’s 149 km (92.58 miles) long, running from Muzaffarabad (the capital and largest city of Azad Kashmir) to Kel (a village in Neelum Valley, at 2,097 meters above sea level). Kel has an army base and a hospital. Plus, there is also phone service available if you want to make a call, and shops to purchase amenities. The route is dangerous.

Do you need a 4×4 to drive Neelum Valley Road?

To complete this real adventure, a 4×4 vehicle is required because of the dirt tracks left behind as a result of the catastrophic earthquake of 2005. After Kel, the lack of proper roads means that the journey further on can only be performed by 4WD with high clearance vehicles. From Keran to Kel, the road condition is not well and not suitable for low-floor vehicles.

How is Neelum Valley Road in winters?

The road conditions in winter are extreme, and it is jeepable in fair weather only. The road is usually blocked due to heavy snowfalls, and it is very difficult to reach the upper parts of the valley. There are also landslides, which cause visitors to suffer from very cold weather and also face a food shortage problem when they are stuck on the road.

Is Neelum Valley Road worth it?

The road is located within the Neelum Valley (also spelled Neelum Valley), the name given to the areas surrounding the Neelum River. It’s one of Pakistan’s most enchanting tourist destinations, featuring a land of blue waters, panoramic valleys, and breathtaking greenery, home to God’s manifestations of beauty in nature. Those who have set foot on this land call it ‘Heaven on Earth.’
Pic: Zohaib Shikrani