Posted on Apr 15, 2021  By VALLEY DRIVING SCHOOL

Some people rush straight to the nearest ICBC Driver Licensing Office to get licenced the moment they turn 16, while others wait… and wait… and wait… If you fall into that second category, it might be time to rethink how long you’ve been waiting! Maybe the timing wasn’t right in the past, maybe you faced barriers to getting practice, maybe you’ve been able to rely on friends and family for rides up until now, but now is the time to get behind the wheel and get moving!

Need some more motivation to take the first step? Read on for why we think you should get your driver’s licence!


Have you ever tried to lug a suitcase onto a bus? What about groceries?  By getting your licence, you are finally able to transport your own personal items in a safe and accessible way. And once you are fully licenced and out of the learner or novice stages, you’ll be able to finally help all of those trusted people in your life who have been driving you around for years! Maybe offer to be the designated driver on your next night out, or give a friend a lift to the airport. By being licenced, you are finally able to use your driving abilities to help people around you and the karma is bound to be returned.


In addition to being the designated driver or carpool driver for your friends and family, you can also become a driver for work! Once you’ve progressed past the learner’s stage of your drivers’ journey and have your full Class 5 licence, you can look at upgrading to a commercial licence and start using your driving skills for cash! Many career opportunities open up once you have a commercial licence, including becoming a truck driver, bus driver, or firefighter! You could also upgrade to a commercial licence and work for a ride-hailing company, like Lyft, or by delivering food or packages. There are so many choices out there once you’re licensed!


Even if you’re not able to purchase a vehicle upon getting your licence, you are able to slowly accumulate “safe driving years”, which helps you eventually obtain discounted rates with ICBC! We understand that vehicle ownership can pose financial barriers for many, but by getting your licence sooner rather than later, you are saving yourself money in the long-term. By driving, you are also saving plenty of money on ride-hailing apps if this has been your preferred method of transportation up until getting licenced!  It is also cheaper to apply for your first learner’s licence than to purchase a British Columbia Identification Card.


We all know what it’s like to depend on others for transportation. BC Public Transit is an accessible and mostly user-friendly system, but when dealing with multiple transfers between bus, SeaBus and SkyTrain, it can become difficult to work with one’s work schedule or to make it to commitments on time. Relying on other people for transportation poses many problems as well, both for you and the driver. Being able to drive yourself where you need to go on your time will not only allow you to fulfill all of your commitments on time, it will take the pressure off of your loved ones and will ensure that you are no longer disrupting their schedule in the future.


Imagine the wind blowing through your hair, your favorite song playing on the radio, sunglasses on, just you and the open road ahead.. Driving is more than a means of transportation for some – for many, it’s a true passion and fuels their interest in cars and other exotic vehicles. If you’ve never been behind the wheel, chances are you’ve never experienced the excitement of driving – it’s your time now!  Driving also heightens your sense of perception, improves your observation skills, and increases sense of spatial awareness – all of this can be translated into other aspects of your life as well and is worth exploring!